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Jam Packed Audit

We will run an audit on your website to show you what will be worked on to improve your ranking on Google. The audit covers factors such as health score, domain rating, backlink and referring domain portfolio, organic keywords, and monthly traffic.

Why are audits important? An SEO audit is important, because it is a map that shows how websites can be improved for higher chances of ranking better. An audit is the key that tells us what we are doing right and what still needs to be fixed for better ranking.

Boundless Keyword Research

We commit an extensive amount of time into researching keywords related to our clients’ industry. The best keywords to start with are high volume, low keyword difficulty. These types of keywords dont require many backlinks in order to rank higher. Which is great for local businesses since these increase the chance of ranking higher with local keywords. 

We look for long tail keywords that we can stragetically place on our clients’ websites, and when we create content, since these specific keywords are easier to rank for than short tail ones.

We didn’t forget about short tail keywords. These types of keywords are the ones that will bring in the most qualified leads for your business, especially if it is “your business” + “your location”. The high amount of traffic that these keywords bring make the effort of trying to rank for them worth it, and the effort that we put in is mighty. 

Local SEO

Have you wondered why some businesses outrank others in their local area? It has to do with how well optimized their website is for local search. The first thing we do with clients is to make sure they are on all of the important directories. We make sure that they are ranking for local keywords so potential leads can see their business. We create landing pages for all of the areas that your business serves in. 


Creative Content Creation

There are so many opportunities when it comes to content creation. We spend a huge amount of energy to create content that will garner traffic to your website. One of the most efficient ways of doing this is by creating a blog. In every industry, there is someone always asking a question online related to that business. When a business has their own blog that answers these questions, it creates authority and credibility in the eyes of the customer.

According to Hubspot, “Companies with blogs produce an average of 67% more leads monthly than companies that don’t blog“. That is a huge percentage to show as proof that if your website has a blog, you’re way more likely to get customers than the ones who don’t. Which is why at, Golden Creative, content is a big thing for us. 

Link Building

The major reason why websites rank on Google is due to their backlink portfolio. The higher the domain authority on a website, the more likely another website will rank if there is a link from the high authority website. The most important thing is for links to be relevant to the website they’re linking to. Websites that get spammy links will be penalized by Google.

At Golden Creative, we build links to your website in a safe way where Google won’t penalize you. The more links you get, the more authority your website builds. A nice way to do this is by having your website link on a directory such as Yelp. The more good reviews you get, Google’s algorithms will rank you higher since it sees that people enjoy your service. 

Why Choose Us?

Pay Per Performance

We charge based off of how well we perform on SEO. Charging increases over a period of time when optimization grows your ranking in Google.  

We don’t want to overcharge you based on how we are doing. It would be unfair for you to rank poorly while we still charge you a high amount. It is better to charge our clients higher as their ranking improves. 

Contract Freedom

If you are not satisfied with our services, you have the freedom to end our contract anytime with a refund for that month.

Don’t get stuck with 6 to 12 month contracts with other companies. Many people get into business with bad SEO companies that have them legally tied to a contract and end up never doing SEO again.

With us, we completely understand and have no problem refunding our clients for the month they decide to leave.  

State-of-the-Art Reporting

We create advanced analytic reports that give the best insight into how we can improve our marketing each month for your business.

It is serious to us that our clients know what work is being done each month and things are improving. We want our clients to know where their money is going and to see the results that come out of that. 

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