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Discover what comes with our PPC services for our Chicago clients

Extensive PPC Keyword Research

Extensive research goes into finding out what keywords consumers are searching for in your industry niche to maximize visibility on Google.

We also research different types of negative keywords to avoid targeting audiences that are not interested in your ad. This saves you time and money from being wasted on ads that don’t convert.

Google Ads Campaign

We create keyword optimized sales copy that converts regular browsers into qualified leads for your business. A lot of sales copy from compeitiors is rambling jargon. We keep our ads short and sweet with opitmized keywords and enticing call to actions.

High Converting Landing Pages

Landing pages are key for high conversion rates from PPC advertising. They are what make or break your ad spend. We understand how to make landing pages unique from your compeition by presenting the value your business has to offer in user friendly ways. This includes high resolution photos of your business and customer testominals, along with special offers that make you stand out from the compeition in your local area. 

Conversion Tracking

With the creation of a Google Ads Campagin, we also set up conversion tracking with Google Analytics so we can see who is staying on the landing page and for how long. Conversion tracking also allows us to see what keywords user type in to click on your ad, and we adjust to that to save you more time and money.

We work on decreasing bounce rates on landing pages every month by targeting a even more specific target audience that is more likely to convert based on conversion tracking data.

Retargeting Efforts

A crucial component of PPC advertising is retargeting leads that spent a certain amount of time on your landing page. With conversion tracking data, new pay-per-click ads are stragetically placed at leads to increase brand awareness and the chance of that audience to make a purhcase from your business. 

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