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Who are We?

Golden Creative was created in 2020. Best time to start a business right? Yeah, not really. Golden Creative was started as a Chicago web design company to help Chicago business owners take control of their web presence. Having a website for your business is key to keeping up with the competition as almost everything is digitalized.  

We help Chicago web design clients’ businesses reach their full potential by optimizing their site for SEO, lead conversion, and lead tracking. Our website design model allows business owners to learn the ins and outs of how their website is created, so they can take charge as well, and have not to always rely on a web company to do the work.


Our Client Testimonals

Tuxpan Mexican Grill Website

“I needed a website for my restaurant, and Golden Creative was able to design and create a website that has a POS system. I was able to save money by cutting out Grubhub from doing the deliveries. Golden Creative made the process easy and I highly recommend them!” –Mary Ponza, Owner of Tuxpan Mexican Grill

Web Design Client's Website

“I contacted a lot of different web design agencies, and Golden Creative by far has been the best pick for my business. They were able to execute in a timely manner, and for a much better cost than what the others wanted to charge me. Great service and awesome website design skills.”-John Michaels, Founder of Palm Springs Business Lawyers

Programmer Typing on Computer

What kind of Website Design Services do we offer?

Content Management System

All of the websites that we create for our Chicago web design clients are through WordPress.WordPress is hands down the best content management system. This makes it incredibely easy to manage all of the content that we create for you in one place.

WordPress is beginner friendly for those unfamailar with websites, but our Chicago web design agency helps business owners like yourself become comfortable understanding how it all works. Learning this kind of knowledge allows you to bounce ideas back and forth with us on what you want done for your website.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the most important things in the process of making a website is to properly optimize it for SEO. We optimize simply but effectively by optimizing the title tags of all your web pages to have an apporpirate amount of characters with the correct keywords related to your industry. We write enticing copy sales for your meta tags that captures your target audience’s eye.

We create XML sitemaps that are serve as great roadmaps for Google to be able to crawl your website and see the entire structure of it. This allows Google to easily index new webpages and update exisiting ones. 

On-page SEO is a must for any website. Our Chicago web design clients get every single one of their webpages optimized with stragetically placed keywords in their headings, content, and URL structure to maximize the potential to rank high in Google. 

Mobile Friendly & High Speed Website

Mobile Phone in Hand

An important part to consider for your website is how long it takes to load and is it mobile friendly? Mobile friendly means your website looks good and functions well on mobile devices. Many times, business websites have very slow loading times, and that doesn’t fly well in today’s day and age when everyone expects the website to be loaded within a blink of an eye. 

How do we make sure your website meets all those standards? It’s easy. We check through Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool which allows us to see how fast your website is based on a percentage rate and what can always be done to increase loading speed. 

Golden Creative optimizes Chicago web design clients’ websites for mobile devices by scaling images and text in proportion to desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. This way, nothing will look out of place no matter what device a user browses on when they visit your website. 

Conversion Tracking

Tracking Report

Conversion tracking is an important factor in having a live business website. It allows us and the business owner to see what kind of traffic is being generated to the website, and how long people are staying on there. Conversion tracking also allows us to see what kind of query was searched into Google when someone visited your website.

We set up our Chicago website design clients with tracking with Google Analytics & Google Search Console to have access to data that can be used to adjust if needed to bring in more traffic to the website. 

At the end of every month, our clients are presented with charts and data on how well their website performed with traffic, and improvements that could be made to bring in more potential customers.

Consulting Session


Something very unique about Golden Creative that web design agencies don’t do are consulting sessions with their clients once the website is finished. 

We want to empower our clients with the knowledge of how their website works so if something comes up, for example, the marketing budget in your business runs dry and you unfortunately have to let us go. At least, you will be able to navaigate on your own for the time being with your website, and you don’t end up frustrated not knowing how anything works. We like to leave a good impression.

The good thing about this is if there are any tweaks you want done to the website but don’t have time for it, we can do it for you and it will lower the commmunication barrier when you want something specific done to the website.

Website Design Packages

$500 $1000

Bronze Package

Website Package Details

  • 1-3 Web Pages
  • Google Maps
  • 2 Blog Articles (1000 words)
  • WordPress Template
  • Social Media Intergration
  • Contact Form
  • Email Mailing List Plug-in
  • Google Analytics
  • 2 Directory Submissions
  • 1 revision

$1000 $2000

Silver Package

Website Package Details

  • 3-5 Web Pages
  • Google Maps
  • 3 Blog Articles (1500 Words)
  • WordPress Template
  • Social Media Intergration
  • Contact Form
  • Email Mailing List Plug-in
  • Google Analytics
  • 5 Directory Submissions
  • 4 Edited Photographs
  • XML Site Map
  • Fast Score on Google PageSpeed Insight
  • 3 Revisions
  • 1 Hour Consultation

$1500 $3000

Gold Package

Website Package Details

  • 5-7 Web Pages
  • Google Maps
  • 5 Blog Articles (1500+ Words)
  • WordPress Template
  • Social Media Intergration
  • Contact Form
  • Email Mailing List Plug-in
  • Google Analytics
  • 10 Directory Submissions
  • 4-10 Edited Photographs
  • XML Site Map
  • Fast Score on Google PageSpeed Insight
  • 4 Revisions
  • 2 Hour Consultation
  • PR Outreach

What seperates us from the other web development companies is that when you buy a website with us. YOU GET A FREE $100 AD SPEND. That’s right!

Once your website is finished, we will run $100 worth of Google Ads on your business to get your newly designed website in front of new leads!

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