Why should I choose Digital Marketing for my Business?

July 16, 2020

Digital marketing has evolved to become an essential tool for business owners to succeed with their business. Some business owners are completely for it while others are still skeptical on the fence about it. Let this article below be a refresher for those who are familiar with digital marketing, and for those who don’t understand it completely.

The Power of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is still a relatively new form of marketing. Google AdWords came out in 2000, Facebook Ads was revealed in 2007. So it is understandable that some people don’t use it for their businesses, because they don’t understand it fully, or it’s not worth taking a risk with their money to advertise disruptively on Facebook when the majority of people go on the social platform to relax and look at Tiger King memes.

Business Owners after signing with a Bad Digital Marketing Agency

However, it all depends on who you choose to do your digital marketing with. The agencies that know what they’re doing can give business owners huge ROIs. Whether it’s from SEO or PPC; effective results come from an agency’s knowledge and willingness to succeed.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Many business owners can improve their business if they decide to increase their SEO ranking on Google. There are many statistics to back up this claim. For example, on Google’s first search page, the top five links amount to 67.7% of all clicks. This is a great indicator that if people are searching for services within your industry and you happen to be on the first page of Google, you can guarantee that your business will definitely be contacted by a serious customer.

Another important statistic is 46% of Google searches include a local intent. This means that almost half of people intending to buy something include keywords, such as “near me,” in their search. It is crucial that businesses in a local market have an optimized website to be able present themselves as a solution to a customer’s problem.

Google's Search Engine

Overall, the amount of money spent by a business owner to increase their SEO ranking for their business will increase their revenue & potential leads. Having free, organic traffic visiting your website saves you money over the long run of having to pay for pay-per-click ads on Google. Optimizing your website for Google is no easy task, and no business owner wants to devote all their time to do it themselves. Which is why it’s a great opportunity for someone like Golden Creative to do it for them.


Almost every business owner has heard of pay-per-click (PPC) ads. It is a great form of marketing to get your business in front of the right eyes with the right keywords. Creating a great PPC ad is both a science and an art, because you want the ad to be SEO friendly with Google, but also enticing so people will be interested in clicking.

One of the cons to PPC is it’s much easier to lose money if the marketing campaign isn’t carefully planned and executed. An example of this is if there aren’t any negative keywords implemented in the campaign. A negative keyword is a keyword that excludes a business’s ad from showing up when someone searches that excluded keyword.


For example, if a plumbing business decides to do an ad campaign, it’d be best to make sure all keywords not related to plumbing, such as “commercial painting,” are excluded; thus, your ad won’t show up on a search result that isn’t related to your business, and will save you money from clicks.

Some business owners or digital marketing agencies fail to implement these simple strategies from a lack of knowledge which ends up benefiting no one. It really matters who is in charge of your ad campaign, because agencies with a weak strategy will end up losing the business owner a lot of money. Fortunately, at Golden Creative, we know what we’re doing. We can have an extensive amount of strategies that will be implemented if you believe we’re the right choice for you. If you’d like to get a snippet of what we offer for our PPC services; click here.

Website Design

Having a great website is a must-have for every business owner. A well-designed website improves how people perceive your business. If someone were to visit your website, and it still looks the same as it did in the 90s, it’s guaranteed they’re not going to want to do business with you. It shows a lack of care for your image.

Space Jam Website

Creating a website that is appealing & engaging not only intrigues people to click through it, but it creates a sense of trust, which will in turn increase the chances of someone buying from you.

Example of a Professionally Designed Website

Owning a professionally designed website will give the business owner a sense of pride and confidence, because their website will be up to par with their competitors and it will show their business in the best light possible. If you’re a business owner who’s interested in what we website services we offer, check out our page here.

Digital marketing will still continue to evolve as a marketing form. It is most certainly true that it’s critical for any business owner to utilize digital marketing to the maximum to grow and succeed their business. Golden Creative LLC not only has their marketing strategies in place to help business owners grow their business, but they have something some agencies don’t: the genuine care for their client’s success.

Our motto is You Succeed, We Succeed. We believe that without having the client’s best interest at heart, we cannot give our all. Many agencies only care about getting money from their clients. We care about making sure clients’ businesses grow and succeed through our digital marketing efforts, because our success is dependent on theirs.

If you’re interested in working with Golden Creative LLC, click on the button below to contact us for a meeting.

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